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Granite is a natural, porous igneous rock which comes from the earth! It is mainly composed of quartz and feldspar. This stone requires sealing to prevent staining, but you can put your hot pots straight off the stove on to the surface of your granite countertops without burns or damage! Let us know if you'd like to see full slabs!

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Granite Countertop Colours

  1. Absolute Black
    Absolute Black
  2. Alaska White
    Alaska White
  3. Angola Black
    Angola Black
  4. Angola Silver
    Angola Silver
  5. Antique Brown
    Antique Brown
  6. Azul Aran
    Azul Aran
  7. Azul Platino
    Azul Platino
  8. Baltic Brown
    Baltic Brown
  9. Baltic Green
    Baltic Green
  10. Belvedere
  11. Bianco Antico
    Bianco Antico
  12. Black Beauty
    Black Beauty
  13. Black Fantasy
    Black Fantasy
  14. Black Galaxy
    Black Galaxy
  15. Black Impala
    Black Impala
  16. Black Pearl
    Black Pearl
  17. Blue Australe
    Blue Australe
  18. Blue Bahia
    Blue Bahia
  19. Blue Barracuda
    Blue Barracuda
  20. Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes
  21. Brown Pearl
    Brown Pearl
  22. Cafe Imperial
    Cafe Imperial
  23. Cambrian Black
    Cambrian Black
  24. Coffee Brown
    Coffee Brown
  25. Cold Spring
    Cold Spring
  26. Colonial Gold
    Colonial Gold
  27. Colonial Treasure
    Colonial Treasure
  28. Colonial White
    Colonial White
  29. Crema Bordeaux
    Crema Bordeaux
  30. Crema Venato
    Crema Venato
  31. Crystal White
    Crystal White
  32. Deep Purple
    Deep Purple
  33. Dellicatus
  34. Golden Persa
    Golden Persa
  35. Blue Pearl
    Blue Pearl
  36. Ice blue
    Ice blue
  37. Kashmir Gold
    Kashmir Gold
  38. Kashmir White
    Kashmir White
  39. Kashmir Yellow
    Kashmir Yellow
  40. Lara
  41. Lava Vecchia
    Lava Vecchia
  42. Lavender Blue
    Lavender Blue
  43. Lennon
  44. London Smoke
    London Smoke
  45. Magma Gold
    Magma Gold
  46. Matrix Motion
    Matrix Motion
  47. Matrix
  48. Marry Gold
    Marry Gold
  49. Metallicus
  50. Momentum Valley
    Momentum Valley
  51. Moon White
    Moon White
  52. Nacarado
  53. Nazca Lines
    Nazca Lines
  54. New Azul Aran
    New Azul Aran
  55. New Caledonia
    New Caledonia
  56. New Venetian Gold
    New Venetian Gold
  57. Opera
  58. Paradiso
  59. Patagonia
  60. Persues
  61. Pompeii
  62. Princess White
    Princess White
  63. Rainforest Extra
    Rainforest Extra
  64. Red Dragon
    Red Dragon
  65. Red Montana
    Red Montana
  66. Roma Imperial
    Roma Imperial
  67. Rosewood
  68. Santa Cecilia Light
    Santa Cecilia Light
  69. Sapphire Blue
    Sapphire Blue
  70. Sapphire Brown
    Sapphire Brown
  71. Seam Foam Green
    Seam Foam Green
  72. Silver Pearl
    Silver Pearl
  73. Simba Red
    Simba Red
  74. Snake Brown
    Snake Brown
  75. Spectrus
  76. Sucury Brown
    Sucury Brown
  77. Super Grey
    Super Grey
  78. Super White (White Arabescato)
    Super White (White Arabescato)
  79. Tan Brown
    Tan Brown
  80. Tie Dye
    Tie Dye
  81. Titanium
  82. Tropical Brown
    Tropical Brown
  83. Typhoon Bordeaux
    Typhoon Bordeaux
  84. Typhoon Yellow
    Typhoon Yellow
  85. Valley White
    Valley White
  86. Verde Fucco
    Verde Fucco
  87. Verde Peacock
    Verde Peacock
  88. Verniz Tropical
    Verniz Tropical
  89. Violetta
  90. Viscount White
    Viscount White
  91. Volga Blue
    Volga Blue
  92. White Bamboo
    White Bamboo
  93. White Persa
    White Persa
  94. White Spring
    White Spring
  95. Yellow River
    Yellow River
  96. Zata Brown
    Zata Brown
See a colour you like? Call us to find out if we have a sample!